FAQ: 2015-2020 Steve Rude "The Dude" Sketchbook
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I've pledged for the sketchbook and am interested in getting the prior ones at the $100 package. How do I go about ordering the package?

All Past Year sketchbooks are in the ADD ON section during checkout. We are currently only able to guarantee you can receive years through 2012 and even those are limited. Please send us a note through Kickstarter if you need specific information about this package not answered in the add on section of the survey.

Last updated: June 08, 2020 22:30

I've pledged at the "I Want It All" level and had wanted to upgrade the t-shirt & add a hoodie. There wasn't any additional options given at checkout - did I miss them?

You didn’t miss them! Checkout isn’t here on Kickstarter and it won’t happen until the campaign ends. Using the amounts given in the project you just add to your pledge. On June 1st Kickstarter charges everyone and once that is done I’ll send out my own email for checkout. Any extra you paid to Kickstarter becomes a credit during checkout (June 1st).

If you don’t pay extra now you can still upgrade later and pay via BackerKit’s secure checkout, it just doesn’t get counted towards the campaign goals.

So if you want to upgrade the T-Shirt (to a long sleeve?) and add a hoodie, that upgrade is $50 ($10 LS and $40 hoodie). Assuming you live in the US and won’t pay shipping you should pledge $250 and you’ll owe $0 once checkout is completed with BackerKit.

If that doesn’t make sense please feel free to comment back!

Last updated: May 08, 2020 15:22

If I pledge at the $500 commission sketch level is this pen and ink?

The basic sketch for the sketchbook is simple pencil or marker. Not that Steve ever does anything simple!

Last updated: May 08, 2020 15:22

If I pledge at the $500 commission sketch level would it be possible to have this commission sketch on a separate sheet of paper instead of on the sketch cover book?

Yes! Steve can do a separate sketch on 11x14 paper.

Last updated: May 08, 2020 15:22

At the $500 Sketch level, If I opt to increase my pledge to the awesome level (+ $500) would that increase the dimensions of this commission?

If you increase to “something awesome” and have it done not on the book, Steve may go larger, but it depends on what best suits the subject. Steve will literally be given direction of “something awesome”, “character (your choice)”, “artists choice medium and size min of 11x14 (if not in book).

Last updated: May 08, 2020 15:22

If I pledge at the Sketchbook Only level will I receive any of the extras?

You will receive the Spidey Booklet for reaching the $30k stretch goal and the extra pages that are included in the book for each level. If you want the prints, backpack, USB, etc, you would have to order them separately during checkout in BackKit in June.

Last updated: May 08, 2020 15:25

Will the book be softcover or hardcover

It’s a softcover. Past the $40K goal we can look into the cost of adding the hardcover as an upgrade option. We’ve done that before with good results.

Last updated: May 08, 2020 15:45

What are the TShirt Sizes?

We are still sourcing shirts, but Hanes Tagless Ts have the most sizes available and we will be going with that for our main shirt. We are looking to find some Tall sizes and looks like we may have to go with Hanes Beefy Ts as they run longer. We won’t know for sure until closer to end of project as the more shirts we need to order the lower the price per shirt and the more price negotiation we can do.

Levels with Extras include 1 TShirt and your choice of design. Extra shirts may be ordered during checkout in June. If you pledge extra those funds end up as a credit you can use during checkout.

MUSCLE SHIRTS:Jerzees Sleeveless Ts Included as option for free shirt, Add on for $20 Youth: Not Available Adult: S-3XL

TShirt: Hanes Tagless T Included as option for free shirt, Add on for $20j Youth XS - XL Adult S-6XL

Long Sleeve T: Hanes Tagless Long Sleeve Upgrade from free shirt for $10, Add on for $30 Youth XS - XL Adult S-4XL

Hooded Sweatshirt: Hanes 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirt Upgrade from free shirt $20, Add on $40 Youth XS-XL Adult S-5XL

Last updated: May 09, 2020 04:43

I’d like more information on the $500 Blank Cover Sketch

You can choose your character, but we left the medium open because Steve will do what he feels the character needs. I hate to be vague, but it really does depend on your request. For example, if you request a vamperella or “death” he would do it in pen and ink. If you request “artist choice pinup” you’ll probably receive something like Vargas done in color, likely painted. His regular commissions usually do not include any background. For $500 you could request background.

Last updated: June 08, 2020 15:43

i paid extra for the Nexus Chronicles

When you get to the add ons section after the survey you will see you have a POSITIVE balance - that’s extra funds for you to spend! If you paid $25 for the Chronicles you will see a balance of $25. Add the Chronicles (for $25) and your total due is $0!!

Last updated: June 08, 2020 22:30

Items may be signed, but not personalized.

I am going through some of the order comments (remember there are over 600 backers so I’m doing my best!) I’m seeing alot of people putting in names and asking that books be dedicated or personalized. Unfortunately, because we are mailing over 600 orders and I will have a crew helping me pack and ship, we have decided to do signed or unsigned at this time. In past years we have allowed personalized books for an additional fee, but opted not to do that this time around and is why we are only charging $5 for signatures.

Last updated: June 08, 2020 22:31

How well is everything packed for shipping?

Part of the reason we charge more for shipping and for posters especially is that we order EXTRA packing. Posters are rolled into a 3” tube then placed inside the USPS Priority Mail tube which brings the weight to over 2 pounds. Each poster set costs around $15-20 to mail within the US and nearly $40 international. For books, just books are mailed in stay flats and extra DO NOT BEND stickers but due to the number of orders we are looking into boxes for even the smaller orders this year. As noted in the budget breakdown we have around $7,000 budgeted for shipping between postage and supplies.

Last updated: June 08, 2020 22:32

What shipping service do you use?

US orders generally use USPS. Exceptions are made for heavy orders where there is a significant difference between USPS and UPS or FedEx. If you wish for us to use a specific carrier please make an order comment and we will contact you if extra shipping is due.

Last updated: June 08, 2020 22:34

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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